Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS)

Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS), with built-in mobile capabilities, will speed and improve decision-making across the organization by lowering the barrier to entry for all users, providing secure and comprehensive information access with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

Users familiar with the Oracle BI Enterprise or Oracle Cloud Applications can use BI Cloud without retraining. However, Oracle BICS is designed with features such as built-in guidance and tutorials, and a data import wizard to ease adoption. No SQL or previous database knowledge is required to load data and analyze data. With Oracle BI Enterprise users can load their data, create their own analytics and share them with colleagues from diverse sources.

With Reliason’s solid expertise around Oracle technology and application products, we can help you make the transition to the cloud. We are committed to providing industry leading business processes, strong implementations, faster rollouts, de-risked upgrades, dependable production support and the best in quality development to enable such a transition.

Oracle BICS provides comprehensive capabilities to load your data into the cloud database. Reliason can assist you in setting up the integration between Oracle BICS and your own applications. We can built the ETL (Extract Transformation Load) for every other application.

The first question that comes up during the implementation of Oracle BI Cloud Service is how to determine the right information. Determining this definition is one of the main challenges, which Reliason can help overcome The right information is the basis for determining the ‘single version of the truth’. This unlocks the truth within your organization with regard to the interpretation of information.

Oracle BICS

Features at a glance:

  • BICS is optimized for the cloud and empowers users to combine data from diverse sources, including other cloud solutions, as well as on-premises and third-party applications.

  • There are multiple ways to load data, from importing files self-service to on-going data integrations, including web-based file loading, direct queries, ETL integrations, a REST API, and more.

  • The service simplifies the preparation of data for reporting and the creation, management, and deployment of analyses.

  • Most importantly, it is secured with industry’s highest level security standards which is the SSAE 16 Type II Certified.

  • The service offers many self-service capabilities such as loading your data and creating reports for your line of business.

  • The Oracle BI Cloud Service is offered as-a-service subscription model rather than a huge one-time purchase cost. So customers can deploy this right away, to small groups, business departments, or the entire organization, with no capital costs.

  • Based on Oracle’s proven BI technology, it helps users to quickly create rich, interactive data-driven insights and data visualizations to users throughout an organization.

  • It provides better support for device-delivered information, such as to dashboards or reports intended for smartphones and tablets.

  • SaaS model – Oracle Managed Patching and upgrades; you don’t need to chase the patches. now they are just automatic for you.

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Oracle BI Cloud Service Puts Insights at Your Fingertips

  • Fast Time to Value.

    Quickly combine data from any source and rapidly create BI applications for agile analysis.

  • Intuitive and Powerful.

    Dozens of visualizations and advanced calculations available in a fast, friendly UI.

  • For Everyone, Everywhere.

    From executives to analysts to everyday dashboard users. In a browser or on-the-go with Mobile BI.

  • Enterprise Class, Business Driven.

    The security, reliability, and performance you require, with the flexibility the business demands.

Why Choose us ?

  • In Reliason services are delivered via a highly secure, scalable infrastructure, and offer maximum flexibility, giving customers a range of deployment options including.

  • At Reliason we provide more user communities with access to business intelligence, performance management and predictive analytics and start your implementation immediately and easily.

  • We capitalize on the benefits and value of your software more quickly.

  • Reliason Cloud Services provides unmatched support, starting with a comprehensive, end-to-end infrastructure considerations, database requirements, security methodology, network bandwidth sizing, performance needs, software configuration and maintenance.