Everything That You Need to Know
About AWS Database Migration

AWS Database Migration is all about migrating your existing database to AWS securely in the shortest span of time. During the migration, your source database remains completely operational. This eventually helps in downsizing the downtime of all your applications which relies on your database.

With AWS migration, you can migrate to and from your data from the open-source databases and your extensively used commercial databases.

Moreover, in AWS Database migration, you will also get heterogeneous migration such as from Oracle to Amazon Aurora, along with homogeneous migration as well such as from Oracle to Oracle.

AWS Database Migration will help you to imitate your data with consolidated databases and high availability into a petabyte-scale data storehouse through data streaming from Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.

Benefits of AWS Database Migration


The first advantage that you will look into while you opt for AWS Database Migration is its simple interference. When you are using AWS, you can start migrating your data with just a few clicks. Once that migration process starts, your AWS Database Migration service starts managing the entire list of complexities that are related to the migration process.

Low Cost

AWS Database Migration is a pocket-friendly service as you will only need to pay for the computed resources during the migration process without any added log storage. The cost remains uniform for both heterogeneous and homogeneous migration, unlike the conventional database migration.

Wide Range Database Support

AWS Database Migration is useful for migrating your data from the open-source database and commercial. Moreover, it also supports heterogeneous and homogeneous migration as well, such as from Oracle to Microsoft SQL, and from oracle to oracle respectively.


AWS Database Migration service is one of the most self-healing and resilient migration services that you can opt for, hands down. Without any interruption, it targets and monitors network connectivity, databases, and replication.

Minimal Downtime

With AWS Database Migration Service, you can migrate your entire databases to AWS with zero downtime. Every change in data that takes place during the migration process is replicated to the target which provides optimal functionality to the database during migration. After the migration is complete, the targeted database stays synchronized with its origin till its switched over.

Easy and quick set-up

AWS Database Migration Service is a huge time saver. You can complete the entire migration in the AWS management console within a few minutes. The process includes setting up a new connection to the target and the source databases. After completing the entire setup, the exact task can be used as a trial run before executing the real migration.

AWS Database Migration service is the fastest, accurate, and steady database migration service that you can ever opt for. It can replicate the database from the actual source to the targeted source with zero hindrance.

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