Tableau server is an innovative platform with browser and mobile-based insight that anyone can use. With Tableau Desktop, it’s easy to set up, run and publish dashboards across your organization. Tableau is an IT innovation that empowers businesses to find timely solutions in minutes, not months. Gain access to live interactive dashboards on your desktop and mobile devices. Publish shared data connections from Tableau Desktop. It enables you to define data sources, add metadata, and author entirely new calculations and data fields commonly for all users.

Tableau holds enterprise ready features such as:

  • Flexibly designed data architecture refreshes data memory with its blazing fast engine

  • Easy integration of important data in your business and existing workflow

  • Works well both for a team or an entire organization as it is scalable with hardware and memory

  • Security levels are granted at all levels to set permissions for specific projects, dashboards or users

  • Interactive dashboards can be optimized for mobile tablets

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