Reasons Why Companies are Shifting to Independent Software Support

Demand for independent software support is gaining importance as hundreds of corporate giants, mid-market businesses and public sector organizations are willing to leave vendor support to experience a better support value. Many software licensees have turned their attention[…]

Delivering Business Value

The power to enable our clients to outperform market conditions stems from our key differentiators in domain expertise, cutting-edge technology and analytics, and a client-centric client-partner approach.

Vertical Approach to Service Delivery: Our pioneering vertical approach (industry-specificity) allows us to understand clients’ businesses in-depth. Our deep domain expertise in each industry helps us develop keen insights and transform them into leading edge impactful business solutions with the help of technology, analytics and process rigor.

Reliason has strong service capabilities in industries such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, consulting and professional services, retail and consumer packaged goods, telecom, shipping and logistics, travel and leisure, and utilities.

Innovative Tech-enabled: Reliason harnesses its outcome-based transformational solutions built on proprietary frameworks to drive insights and positive outcomes for our clients. We have built our technology architecture to deliver cost-efficiency, higher scalability and agility into client businesses in a innovative yet simplest way possible. We offer analytical platforms in cross industry solutions our offerings also includes seamless on demand – custom applications as well. You name it we create it!

Transparency: As a company, we support transparency and we practice this by sharing the actual details of our resources with our clients. Generally speaking, this helps to find more qualified resources and keeps our clients cost lower. This policy has helped us to create long term relationships with our clients.

Client-centric Client-partner Approach: ‘Client First’ is the core value that Reliason is driven by. We understand that every business has a unique set of objectives, and therefore, needs a partnership ecosystem that can strategically align with these objectives. We align our people, processes and delivery network according to our clients’ businesses be it onsite offsite or offshore. Our talent spans certified & highly qualified professionals with minimum 5 + years of expertise.

We Are Reliason
    • Reliable in our business offerings
    • Efficient service providers
    • Leading IT service providers and Oracle Gold Partners
    • Impressive in what we do
    • Accurate with deployments
    • Successful in satisfying customers world wide
    • Online for anytime assistance
    • Noticed for our service excellence and business solutions
Our Specialisation
Reliason Solution Values

With each other, with our clients, and actively within our own personal communities.

Characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality; a certain irreverent gaiety and ease of manner is okay for us.

Be proactive, go above and beyond, and always deliver. Be personable, flexible, and agile, and always make decisions in our clients best interests.

Staying on top of technology is essential. Provide and seek opportunities to grow and learn, to find the best solution, to ever increase our problem solving, and understanding of our clients businesses.

Make mistakes only once, dont do anything stupid, and act with forthright honesty knowing that we are all responsible for best practices.

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