Reliason Support

Distance no Bar- you can be anywhere in the globe and we can connect to your systems remotely and provide a variety of Remote Services customized for your needs.With the dramatically increasing amount of data companies acquire and the complex database administration issues they face, managing data in-house has become expensive, personnel-intensive and time-consuming.

We are experienced in tailoring solutions specific to our customers’ situation to help reduce the complexity and cost, ensure flexibility and performance, and simplify management of your database information infrastructure.

With Reliason’s expert remote database administration, you can be assured of your database being supported without any disruption. Our remote Oracle DBA services offer affordable and reliable Oracle support executed by our team of dedicated and highly experienced Oracle Certified Professionals.

Key Benefits
  • Save and gain

    Our cost effective extended DBA Team will manage all routine and specialized database administration and support needs for you.Our offshore database services help you significantly reduce overhead costs on recruitment, training, employee perks and operating expenses.

  • 24X7 at your service

    Ensuring 24/7 database availability and performance is the biggest challenge for organizations of all sizes. We are here to relieve you from all the worries of managing your databases which will be constantly monitored for efficiency and reliability.

  • Full Control

    While we take care of your database remotely does not take away your control from you. You will still remain the King of your database. Your internal staff will still be managing your business critical functions while we proactively monitor and manage the databases. We extend our expert knowledge to your onsite staff as a member of one team to ensure maximum availability and performance.

  • Experienced Oracle-certified DBA Experts

    Reliason will provide expert services along with our large certified database management professionals with an average experience in hundreds of databases in different environments. We provide effective fixes and solutions to all kinds of database administration and performance problems.

  • Robust Database monitoring and alert notification tools

    Reliason will be focused on consistently keeping your databases in good health, monitoring the database operation continuously and predicting potential issues well in advance of crisis situations. We detect the problems and co-ordinate with your staff to fix the issues before your business is affected.

  • Customized Services

    Today’s world being client sensitive, we do not restrict our client with predefined packages. We believe in enabling you to choose precisely the services you want and how you want them. Our customized service levels ensure that you pay only for the required services and get much more for less. You can utilize your Extended DBA Team services on a regular, periodic or emergency basis.

Why Remote Support?
  • With Remote DBA support your database is supported by an experienced team

  • Peace of mind with Remote Oracle DBA support

  • Proactive database monitoring & reporting

  • Regular database maintenance

  • Backup and recovery

  • Fast analysis and rectification of problem

  • Performance optimization

  • Subscribe only to those DBA services you require

  • Real-time 24/7 support. Get response in minimal time