Helps in executing impact test plans, automate RPD deployment and monitoring BI Systems availability which empowers business users, developers and testers in various areas of testing, deployment and application readiness.

  • Reports

    Identify inequalities in reports due to metadata changes or promotions

  • Sanity Checks

    Quick access to Sanity checks of BI Systems

  • Deployment

    Automate RPD deployment process

  • Comparison Results
    Store comparison results in PDF format for later use

Key Features:

  • Built on Windows platform and easy to setup

  • Provides general sanity check of BI System

  • Highly customisable

  • Handles 100s of reports for Comparison, provides a results grid and allows to store compared results for later use

  • Handles RPD deployment on both Windows and Linux operating systems

For more details and for an Use Case, click here and also watch a demo video.