At Reliason, we understand that dedicated, ongoing support is essential to helping you maximize your investment in our benefit administration solutions. Our Technical Support team represents an extensive background in the software and benefits administration fields. Your business and your customers cannot be put on hold. Should you face a mission-critical challenge, our consultants can access your system remotely, assist online and perform diagnostics. With a high level of commitment to provide quality support and meticulous attention to all client issues regardless of company size. our team has a reputation for consistently going the extra mile to serve our customers.

Ebusiness Support Services

  • Ebusiness Support Services.

  • Cloning, Patching & Upgrade.

  • Backup & Recovery Strategy.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning.

  • Concurrent Manager troubleshooting.

  • Installation of Oracle statistics collection mechanisms and quarterly database growth summaries.

  • Troubleshooting of form server and report server.

  • Managing Oracle Applications like forms, report servers, concurrent manager, Web Server.

  • Performance Tuning and pro-active measurements of future planning.

  • Managing Concurrent Managers, Concurrent Processing.

  • Cloning using Adclone, Rapid clone and Autoconfig.

  • Maintenance of Oracle Application Manager.

  • Upgrading Oracle Applications.

  • Oracle E-business Suite Application security maintenance.

Remote System Administration

We also offer a Remote System Administration service for Ebusiness Products. As companies increasingly look at ways of optimising their resources, many are making the decision that the system administration tasks required for Ebusiness Products can be effectively carried out by partnering with Reliason.

Consulting services

We can provide consulting, on-site or remote, at competitive rates.

We also provide:

  • Incidence Management

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Adaptive Maintenance

  • Release Management

  • Knowledge Management

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