Cloud hosting is driven by the innovative cloud computing technologies that make it possible for unlimited machines to work as one system. Our experience and expertise on Oracle cloud application makes Reliason’s cloud hosting services a very reliable one for your business. Being a versatile technology company, Reliason provides a wide range of hosting services from small application hosting to hosting huge applications holding GBs of data. Migrate to the cloud platform to transform business practices and redesign IT strategies. Cloud hosting promises greater flexibility and lower IT costs.

Cloud Service

The Cloud computing technology enables organizations to obtain a flexible, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure. With AWS cloud, a variety of infrastructure and architectural issues are eliminated. AWS owns a cloud-computing platform that provides customers with end-to-end security and privacy. Therefore, many organizations rely on AWS cloud hosting to make the most of seamless and cost-effective solutions. We unanimously work with our client concerns relevant to cloud security, cost and performance, and deliver a solution as per organization’s requirements.

Typical Use Cases for AWS Public Cloud:

  • Test and Development environments

  • Internet facing web-based application

  • Business Intelligence and analytics-based applications

  • Disaster Recovery environments

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