Oracle Business Intelligence refers to the process of collecting data and converting it into information in order to create a competitive advantage, to improve business processes and to increase the quality of data. Collecting and analyzing information on customers, competitors and market developments helps you take better decisions to support your business strategy.

A BI system offers you the option to store data from a variety of applications in a data warehouse (for example) and display the information to users and management by means of dashboards, reports and scorecards.

Take leap into business data with the right technology. That means incorporating business intelligence and analytics and reporting into core business operations. Unfortunately, without the right analytics technology, it can be a struggle to turn raw data into actionable intelligence that will move your company forward.

With the pursuit of better decisions in mind, it’s no surprise that many industry-leading organizations are incorporating analytics into their operations to help drive innovation and discover new ways to compete. Reliason provides access to a comprehensive suite of modern, market-leading Oracle BI Analytics solutions that enable companies to know more about their businesses through dashboards, presentations and reporting solutions.

Functionality at a glance:

  • Interactive Dashboards

  • Ad hoc Analysis and Interactive Reporting

  • Enterprise Reporting

  • Proactive detection and alerts

  • Actionable Intelligence

  • Microsoft Office integration

  • Spatial Intelligence via Map-based Visualizations

  • Scorecard and Strategy Management

  • Server based query, reporting and analysis

Making the best and every use of the functionalities of BI, whether you are looking to implement a full end-to-end solution or are looking to upgrade your existing system, Reliason can meet your requirements. Our consultants are highly experienced and efficient professionals. They work closely with our clients to evaluate the issues affecting their business and then design Business Intelligence solutions that directly address those issues whilst adding real value.

Why choose us ?

  • Reliason consistently delivers solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, improve efficiency, productivity and accountability, and provides the insight required to be successful.

  • Reliason provide BI solutions and services to mid-market, small sized and large companies.

  • We are experts at providing the best of OBIEE Implementation, SMB Dashboards/ Analysis/ Reports, SMB KPI’s and Scorecards, Mid-Market BI Services, BI tools, Customization, Bi integration with Oracle and other technologies, etc.

  • Dedicated team of functional consultants from various Domains like Finance, SCM and Procurement, who take holistic view of the customer’s enterprise IT environment and ensure effective requirement gathering activities.

  • We have innovated methods for supplying principal edge technology solutions.

  • Our BI professionals have proficiency in installation & configuration for Development/ Test/ QA/ Production Environment, Customizing OBIEE and Out of the Box OBI Applications, Application Integration, Upgrades, Migration to OBIEE, Performance Optimization, Capacity Planning, Modelling, BI Health Check, Disaster Recovery, BI Mobile Services, Dashboard Services, Reports Services, Balanced Scorecards, BI Strategy Development, Maintenance/ Support and so on.

  • We have a strategic roadmap that we follow in terms of Architecture, Design, Implementation and Custom Development.

  • Project Managers with industry standard credentials like PMP and SCRUM manage project delivery well in line with scope, cost and schedule baselines.

  • Project delivery with onsite-offshore hybrid resourcing model achieves significant cost benefit for the customer.

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